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iOS 14.4 RC is Out! - What's New?


 Hi, everyone. Aaron here for Zollotech and today Apple released iOS 14.4 RC to developers, and soon to public beta testers. At least at the time of recording this video, the public beta is not out, but I would expect it pretty soon. Now this particular update and RC means that it’s the release candidate or GM, which Apple used to call it release candidate is the replacement for that name, expect it to come out very soon to the public, but they release it to developers in public beta testers. First. Now this came in at a very large 4.4, four gigabytes on my iPhone, 12 pro max. And you can expect it to be about that size on any device you’re using. I saw it as low as 3.7 gigabytes all the way up to five gigabytes depending on the device. So anytime you’re going from a beta to a public version, which this probably is, it’s going to be a very large update. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at the build number and then talk about what’s new now, along with iOS 14.4 RC, which I have on my iPhone,12 pro max, the iPhone 6S plus, and the iPhone 11 Apple also released iPad OS 14.4 RC, which I have on the 12.9-inch iPad pro from 2020.Along with that, they released watch OS 7.3 RC and tv OS14.4 RC. So, Apple is getting ready to release all of those to the public very soon. And if you’re a developer they’re available now, now let’s take a look at the build number. So, we’ll go to settings, then we’ll go to general than about, and the build number is 18 D five two. And this particular update does include a couple new features as well as some bug fixes as well. And the first thing they’ve updated is the modem. So, if you’re on iOS 14.4, beta one or beta two, or you’re coming from iOS 14.3, you’ll have a modem update, which hopefully will fix issues with switching between 5g and 4g and maybe just data in general, on your iPhone, 12 pro max or whatever you’re using. So, they have updated the modem. The first feature though, Apple has said that they’ve included has to do with QR codes. Apple says that the camera can now recognize smaller QR codes. So, if we open a QR code, you can scan using your camera and you’ll see it says open in Safari, we can tap on it. It will open So, it will recognize smaller QR codes now, and that’s something they’ve added. Now, the next thing they’ve updated will really make a lot of people happy. I mentioned this in the betas, but basically if you’re having issues with your headphones adjusting volume too often, and you have it where maybe you’re on a phone call or maybe you’re in the car and the volume goes up and down, Apple is added the ability to better understand what device you’re connected to so that it won’t do that. So, if we go under settings and then we go down to sound in haptics, if you have headphones, safety turned on, or maybe depending on your country, you don’t have the option to turn it off. You can now classify the connected devices in Bluetooth. So, if you go back to settings and then Bluetooth, and then maybe I select my car here, we’ll tap on this. We can now classify what it is under device type. So, we can select car stereo, headphone hearing aid, speaker, or other. So, it will better help understand it. You’ll see at the bottom, it says specifying, the type of device can ensure your headphone audio level, level measurements are accurate. So, I’m glad they’ve added this. This should help a lot of people. Now, something they’ve added that they actually called out specifically, which is kind of interesting, has to do with cameras. And it’s specific to the iPhone 12 mini the iPhone 12 iPhone 12 pro and iPhone12 pro max. And that is a notification to let you know when your iPhone is unable to be verified as using a new, genuine Apple camera in those devices. So maybe you had to swap the camera. They had a problem. It will now let you know that it’s not genuine. I’m not sure why they’re doing this. We did have this with the batteries and they’re still replacing batteries under warranty, even if they’re not genuine, or at least they were for some time anyway, but under the camera now we’ll know whether or not the module is accurate. Maybe that has to do with someone putting in different modules in maybe refurbished iPhones, but that’s something they’ve updated. Now, something that’s in this update that Apple did not call out specifically has to do with exposure notifications. So if you have an app installed that uses exposure notifications and you have an enabled, there’s actually a new option. So, if you go into your settings under exposure notifications, you go to whatever app you have installed. Tap on that, then tap on it again. You’ll see it has the option for automatically notifying others. And it says your public health authority can ask you for a one-time access to your random IDs. If you’re diagnosed, or if you’re diagnosed positively, it allows you to notify others that you may have been exposed. So, it’s a new option. That’s in here. You have to have an app installed that enables this and you have to have it enabled itself. So, you can’t just have it work on its own. You won’t have the option. You’ll have to have one of those apps installed that uses it. Now, the other thing Apple’s updated is with the home pods with home pod mini, for example, when you bring it close, you can make the song jump from your phone to the home pod. Now the home pods will have to have iOS 14.4 on them, whether that be the beta or not, you just bring your phone close to it, and then it will jump. 

iOS 14.4 RC is Out! - What's New?

You can see the light lights up and it seems to work intermittently the home pods are actually updating still they’re taking a long time, but these are on the beta expected to release to the public with 14.4 with iOS. But basically, what it does is it gives Handoff music with visual audible and haptic feedback. And then also you can get personalized listening suggestions on iPhone when it’s next to the home pod mini and then also media controls will automatically appear even if your phone is on the lock screen. So, and close to the home pod mini. So, you’ll see it sort of works intermittently. It works there for a second. It’s probably updating. And if I go to the home app, you’ll see, it says update downloading, but those are new changes. It works really well. You don’t have to tap the home pods anymore. You just get close to it and then you’ll see, let’s try it one more time, bring it close. And it’s fairly sensitive. You bring it away. It goes away. It’s using the U1 chip. So, as I bring it closer, it vibrates more, bring it further away and it goes away. So that’s a new feature updated with new visuals and it’s really great to use. And I can’t wait until everyone gets to try it. As long as you have a, you want equipped iPhone, you’ll have that feature. Now they’ve resolved a bunch of issues in this update as well. And the first one has to do with image artifacts that could appear in HDR photos when you’re using an iPhone 12 pro. Now the interesting thing here is they didn’t mention 12,12 mini or 12 pro maxes, just the 12 pro. So, if I take a photo here and maybe you had some artifacts in there, it didn’t look clear. That should be resolved in HDR photos. I’m the 12 pros only, I suppose, but if you were having that issue, hopefully it’s resolved. Now, the next thing has to do with the fitness widget. If you’re using fitness to track your activity, it was not updating properly for some people with the activity data. So that’s been resolved. It should show the correct data at least fairly often, and it will update like it should. The next thing I think is probably what most people were looking most forward to that they finally acknowledged and resolved, and that has to do with typing being delayed. So maybe you’re typing hello, and it wouldn’t show up properly. It would take a moment whether that be in notes or messages. Also, they fixed it where it shows the suggestions here below as well. So that should be resolved. It should be speedy and fast and I’ll type, how are you today? And you’ll see, it keeps up nicely. There’s no lag there. They also resolved one other issue with the keyboard where it may come up in the incorrect language in messages. So, if you were having that issue, I hadn’t seen that myself and no one had actually mentioned it, but that’s been resolved as well. So, if you’re using the news app in your car and you’re using audio in that, maybe you’re listening to news. Plus, with audio, if you’re using CarPlay, it may not resume properly after being paused. When you’re using Siri or spoken directions, now it will actually work properly. So, they’ve acknowledged that issue in CarPlay, it should fix it. And the final thing they’ve fixed, or at least that they’ve mentioned that they’ve fixed is they’ve fixed it where you would enable switch control under accessibility. So, switch control here. Maybe you’re using that for different accessories, but if you had this enabled, you may be unable to actually answer a call on the lock screen that has since been fixed. So that should be resolved. Now they have not mentioned anything else that is resolved in this particular update. So that made me wonder, have they fixed the green tint issue that people are having on their iPhone 12series phones? And from what I can tell the answer is no. And so again, my friend, jury on Twitter sent this in and you can see the green here in the display he’s showing. So, we go through the message he sent, you can see the green tint. Let me pause it here. You can see the green tint on the display. It hasn’t been resolved. It’s hard to see, but it’s still there. And Apple has acknowledged that they’re actually working on this, but they haven’t said when it’s going to be fixed, it was a problem with the iPhone series phones with the 11 pros in the 11 ProMax. And they fixed it with an update. So, I would expect the same with the 12 series, but sometimes those issues can take a while to resolve now with iPad, OS14.4, it has similar fixes with the QR code or options rather with QR codes and Bluetooth device types. But it only has a couple of fixes and that has to do with the keyboard issues that I mentioned already. So those should be fixed. And here I had some issues with the magic track pad and the magic keyboard or the magic keyboard, rather with the track pad where it just wouldn’t allow me to type sometimes that has been resolved. I think, in this as well, it will take time to know because that sort of shows up randomly, but so far, it seems like it’s good. Now, as far as any other fixes, while there’s security updates, but Apple has not specified yet what they’ve actually updated. So, there should be a bunch of security updates in this as well, which is always welcome. 

iOS 14.4 RC is Out! - What's New?

Now, as far as battery life battery, life will take a few days to know what it’s like. I’ve been using the beta on my phone full time, but if we go to my battery, you’ll see my battery health is at 100% on my iPhone, 12 pro max. And if we check out the last 10 days, you can see here’s my battery from today or yesterday, yesterday I had two hours and 17 minutes of screen on time at three hours and 20minutes of screen off time and only used about 25% of my battery. This is much better than it was with previous betas or even iOS 14.3for me. So, I’m getting about eight to 10 hours of screen on time. If we multiply this, if you look at different days, it varies greatly, but it seems like it’s getting better for me. However, it will take a few days to know hopefully batteries much better for most people that were having issues with 14.3. So, when this comes out to the public, it should be much better. Now when it comes to performance on the newer phones is generally good overall, but performance on the iPhone six S plus seems to be pretty good in general. So, I went into music, you’ll see there’s a little bit of stuttering, but it feels just as fast as say beta two was compared to this release candidate. So, scrolling is nice and smooth and settings scrolling between different screens is smooth, except for that one little Junky part there you may have just seen. So, it’s not going to be super-fast compared to when the success plus was first released, but it seems to be okay, at least based on performance here, performance on the iPhone 11 that I have here and also the geek bench scores, which we’ll take a look at in just a moment. So, it seems to be nice and smooth in general, especially on the 11. So, in general, it seems to be nice. We’ll open music for the first time on here and you see seems to be plenty fast. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at the geek bench scores. And then we’ll talk about when to expect iOS 14.4 to be released and whether or not you should install it. So, we’ll go into geek bench here and you’ll see the single core scored on my iPhone. 12 pro maxes were 1,594. Multi-core was 4,133. If we take a look at the history last time on January 13th, we had slightly higher single core scores and multi-core scores. Now keep in mind. I ran this right after installing it. The phone was still a little bit warm processing, some background tasks, and generally that close to the previous benchmarks. It should be plenty fast. Normally when there’s a huge variance, that’s where there’s a problem. So, on the left, I have my iPad pro 12.9 from 2020, then the iPhone six S plus the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 pro max. This should give you a general baseline is what to expect with your devices. Now, as far as when to expect iOS 14.4, releasing to the public, it could be as soon as tomorrow, but generally we want to give a few days between that and I would expect it early next week up to maybe Wednesday at the latest based on what Apple has done in the past. So, 14.4 seems ready to go, unless Apple finds a major problem with it, then there’ll be a 14.4 release candidate too, but they haven’t done that very often in the past. Generally, this will be the final version released to the public. And you just have it early. If you’re a developer public beta tester. Now, whether or not you should install this well, I would definitely say if you’re a beta tester, install it, you’re going to need to anyway. And then if you’re coming from 14.3, just wait for the final release to come out, make sure there’s no bugs in between, and there’s not another release candidate. So definitely update the feedback app disappears. And you want to make sure that you’re reporting feedback. If you want to continue to be a beta tester. And if you do want to continue being a beta tester, don’t delete the profile just yet as you’ll probably want the next update. If you don’t want to continue being a beta pro or beta tester, delete the profile and you won’t get any more beta updates, you’ll just get the final version when it comes out. If it’s different, if it is not different than you just have it early, like I said, so that’s it for iOS 14.4 RC or release candidate? Of course, we could see another one like they did with iOS 14.3, but it’s pretty unlikely given Apple’s track record with these sorts of things. So of course, I’ll have an update this weekend about whether or not it’s good and maybe it needs another update, but I would expect it to release to the public this coming week. Like I said before. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time.

iOS 14.4 RC is Out! - What's New? iOS 14.4 RC is Out! - What's New? Reviewed by Rom SAMSUNG on 1/22/2021 Rating: 5

Huawei Mate Xs | A venit momentul telefoanelor pliabile | Unboxing & Review


Greetings eat Well found on our YouTube channel these days my enthusiasm goes somewhere up in the stratosphere Why Because I am ahead with awe I mate xS And as a technology enthusiast Of course, the person who grew up with her because When I was a kid Or phones with touchscreen there was only radio And the TVMp3 player128 m Something like that Assistants I did not believe in the toucan two-handed phone So that you can’t escape on foot And getting dust for me was more important than not breaking the phone if you were still punished on the need in which you let go Moving forward to 2020 Look, I have a folding screen phone in front of me Never thought again I’ll put my hand on it Well this is something I hadn’t thought about two years ago correctly to have phones that fold and so on I won’t have a deadline Comparison because the fund did not reach me but Huawei Mate x is here Let’s see about Why this is Before opening the box, I must notify you that this is not the Little model so What is in this box or is not in this box It may or may not be part of the model on the market by the way we do not have a Play Store We have to scratch I have so little To see how we make it work BRD forget about all Don’t forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter Slash Giveaway to register for the contest Before moving on to our business Our programming colleagues need help so if you are good at programming or have a friend who He is good at programming And you click and or share the link in the description and Maybe who It’s gonna be us Colleagues please You will be with them In that area Let’s look a little And over with The box is a black box It is very qualitative We have a 512 strong cardboard Gigabyte RAM 8GB RAM color it self momentum Stellar Blue Dual sim And as I said Earlier there is a beer Test There is a version of Sale Let’s put the lid aside Let’s see what we find ugly In the first instance we have phone Well he probably came with a foil initially Protective But it did not come How were you at miscellaneous People And you forget how I am a taxi Hours I don’t feel like a game like that you have to get in shape In the Cora respectively Here it was to be the charger but It is not loaded So I don’t know what in Couture has this Good stop And we have it here A pair of His headset A pair of headphones Standard It is the Huawei headphones that sound great Or USB plug Because this model does not have Jack Part Even here probabilistic Office supplies Pool stationery that Lips Over Okay here Finally we have A USB cable USB type What about USB type cSo the charger is coming Top He certainly will have USB type what good now let’s turn our attention to the phone What phone is the tablet Ehybrid It’s a foldable phone Foldable phone A concept Who were born last year and of course dreamed of him for some time now Let’s start with the fact that being a fingerprint magnet is good because eoilIt is covered with plastic So he can facilitate it It’s good That move But more about the look This After talking about building materials First of all we have this aluminum on the frame Extraordinary histogram of nature We have aluminum on the back of the hinge And obviously we also have a protective film It is advisable not to drop it when unboxing when using your phone Funds for the first time as thickness is 5.4 mm so In the This information And folded It is 11 mm Maybe it’s a phone and a half Because of the thickness In this position It is 161 by 100 46.2 mm And so it is161 by 78.5 mm Surprising It is Ronaldo easy to use When it is Foldable And you also want to use the keyboard How easy you get In the middle of the screen Here’s how easy you can type It’s like having a regular phone keypad But where I got a lot bigger the first time When you remove it from the box And you have the feeling or tendency of him in two Well look how it sounds We click on the hinge What’s stuck in that position Because It’s a 

Huawei Mate Xs | A venit momentul telefoanelor pliabile | Unboxing & Review

bending screen I also have the aluminum hinge With a pretty crazy engineer in the back You get the impression That your phone will be broken You have the impression that it is broken But it is not true And Somehow you have to get used to it too And with the sound but also with the high enough force that you have to apply By the time the hinge It is folded to a maximum and here Not in the part of Behind We have a safety and a button Which will click When Close it to the end Do not put it in water Because this phone is not water-resistant or even drip-resistant Look at how many components Kiss has one of them is Fixed here at the hinge We have it here At the top And here at the bottom further back we have a hinge Interesting Which allows the screen To bend Not to bend and curl and keep so A continuous loop Here’s how the hinge looks like Back here we have To the right and On the left the phone case Year and Here There are two aluminum com opponents mobile And basically what’s going on The moment I want to fold it These two components slide To the interior To the right and to the left it is practically inserted Under these two components that are part of the housing And practically facilitates This loop of the screen Very interesting design Not necessarily the best solution But it is still a technology that is at the beginning of the road  Let’s talk about what you don’t have to do And the moment you first do the village then you will see this Message Important Don’t tell them to water Don’t run away And The phone comes with a screen protector Specially made and designed for This uses chit 

announces that you shouldn’t take him down And if it will be forgotten on the Internet Safety will be forgotten on the internet a lot of people who took Galaxy For the first time He broke that foil down and they broke down phone The last warning It is In relation to the temperature of use It tells you that you should not lose and meet at a temperature lower than minus5 degrees Celsius Obvious This thing It’s as normal as possible Why Because the materials In the heat it expands and in the cold it contracts And when the screen reaches a temperature lower than minus 5 degrees it reaches a contraction level Very big And when you want to paint it and put pressure on it you can Break or May Break That’s about to say about the construction of the phone. Let’s see Other aspects  Like The fingerprint sensor It’s here on the right side with the Plus volume buttons And minus And this sensor is  Extraordinary of  Rapid White Now so So fast here you go And in comparison An s10e1 2 3Look how fast Come on 1 again Two three here you goI don’t even have to press None in I put my thumb and forefinger first when using the phone as one Normal smartphone He sees the block With your thumb After which Let’s say you use it You are this way Tablet A folding module Is blocked How do I go hand in hand this way How do you keep it I have my finger pointed and ready And on the left hand if you can hold the phone in this position you can Very easy Get to the button here Power and of course the two volume buttons Let’s break it down Let’s look at the side Mattresses We have the part of From left to right we have Drawer duels With support Nano memory is the proprietary memory of Huawei and is not compatible with a card Micro SD in any case supports up to 256 GB And it uses everything for secondary Simon so you can’t use two sims And a Nano memory in it Further we have an infrared blaster hinge Here on the left and right hinges We have two GSM bands And on the right side we still have Microphone The basic phone Again from left to right We have plaster money Hole for speaker Because it is One here But the call speaker is also used to create a sound  Tarot Plus two more microphones and a GS tape And to the right of everything In this section we  The charging plug in this area also has a button Which leaves  This flap to Or leave the other half free Plus four rooms BlitzLyca Branding Obviously Huawei do not have Do not put any quality lenses Or create a quality device even if it is only at the concept level Look at me, we got to talking about the cameras and we have 40 Megapixel sensor on Wash with a diaphragm of f1.8 8 Megapixel phone lens case f2.416 megapixels f 2.2An ultra Wide lens and finally we have Sensor top3DUsed for deep effect As I said earlier we have Laika branding. That means quality lenses Press the button that’s witch Normally on a phone you agree Mention turning the phone on the other side The advantage is that you have a selfie room qualitative And you don’t have to sit still You shake your head That you don’t have the big angle that That you have no Focus auto and so on How long the bottom is folded It’s no different than an ordinary phone namely We have menus Swipe the Status bar and so on Everything changes The moment you fold it And simply  The whole picture Moves the whole screen for example settings I’m here On the left side  A tube where I have all the settings and under the menus on the right side  Here’s how interesting an experience looks Like an Android tablet because I’ve seen this layout for several Applications Look for example Application of notes On the left I have all the notes on the right I have a note Which you can write And It appears to me  The right side Cat and Tech Which I find very interesting is quite useful And I really appreciate that when I edit Something you edit some text Everything is displayed on the screen and I have this keyboard. Let’s talk a little bit about the software side Emotion ey 10 point 0.1 Android 10And unfortunately we don’t have it  Play Store So we cannot connect to Google services and so on I entered the gallery and I Find some apps We can also find them on the Play Store Among which  Microsoft Office Opera Vivaldi browser And you miss us Let’s start with Vivaldi and here I greatly appreciate the fact that I have a type of stop layout This time it’s the version desktop Also displayed if the browser does not want to display the information stands cottage With desktop Site Now Let’s talk about the productivity side I downloaded the office application that includes Power point if I am not mistaken for documents and spreadsheet  Yes, it is exactly the same times as he and Power  point that fixed. These are overlooking the fact that we have a layout Tablet type and you will have to get used to this if you want to write a document you have all the options at your fingertips. Obviously the experience is a little bit strange, but you can You can get extraordinarily fast in terms of user experience in terms of usefulness This device or this concept of device is fine to me one seems very Interesting again now Let’s talk about gaming 

because obviously when you have such a screen I cannot get over the gaming aspect asphalt 9 I downloaded the game moves pretty well without falling And without further interruptions He obviously uses a processor Recently from Huawei very powerful processor namely 9905g on a 7 nanometer lithograph plus the moment you hold that phone at that point It will seem Very strange why Because you look at a square you have a screen Very big Basically it doesn’t necessarily allow you to have more content on the sides But you have a bigger view overall  Above the game environment And I really like this The gameplay experience It’s a unique one At least for me for Truca Even if it looks like a tablet I can at any time Let me do this Here’s how fast the app moved Idem Take a quick look, I have absolutely no problem Even if it looks like a tablet Or you have the impression that this tablet is somehow very thin  It is comfortable to hold in hand even when it comes to gameplay It’s something is not something New because I have a big screen after playing Lampion I put in my pocket and that was enough That’s about to say about the Huawei Mate XS Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of such Device In this moment Welcome to the end of this video we have to talk about the battery we have a battery of4,500 mill amperes with 55w Fast battery charging The technology is called Huawei supercharge which means 85% in 30 minutes We have no wireless charging because Obviously not How to Maybe wireless charging unless you put the coil on background Or  Somewhere in this area but it would not have been so below Thin I said we were talking about the disadvantages of such a device Being a technology At the beginning of the journey you realize that it is not necessarily finished And rather it is not necessarily ready for use Every day and why he says this look Even if this hinge It is tested to withstand a certain number Of flexor’s There will always be the dust factor And if you look closely Left and right hinges Notice that there is a lot of place where dust can Make their way inside the phone Also including on this side of the middle where the hinge is Where are those components Who is retiring It’s good if you chicken Hand Let’s see the imprint And the fingerprint means fat and fat Dust means that there are many times particles Which they want Glia the surface and the moment when it is Do this live It’s good they’ll come in Under the housing On the other hand, if you undergo mechanical shocks he will suffer some damage in turn From the balls again unci You don’t want me to walk away Plus there is the factor by which you can scratch including a pocket because you have dust you can necessarily Control this You leave it on the table and simply if you did so little And on the table There are particles of dust already scratched the screen and because I was talking about escaping the phone on the floor This model Or at least the device I have in front came with some kind of Bumper to say so that it protects your edges and has a piece of rubber that It overlaps this hinge And it is mounted Something like that Phone background You put him here in the part Until it comes in easy At the fish And chicken and the part of it Right when you put it this way on the table slightly raises the device The screen Do not touch the surface But I don’t think it’s necessarily a protection solution Long term and I don’t believe either Over a very protective solution Good why Because here the hinge is discovered But at least The margins are Protected To some extent So much for today I hope to see you soon with this phone model I hope Huawei has prepare Everything they have Damaged because of it American Reasons 1 go into that topic I would like to see more devices in this porn area Factor Porn is so called for dogs Something new I did not do synthetic tests because It was pointless or at least I don’t see the point in framing this phone With traditional classical devices why However It’s not finished From my point of view for Daily use  With Dad This is a very efficient processor and devices in turn  He manages to Run all the programs all the games and practically any Touch you throw into it until next time you know what you have To do not forget to give your opinion about this device in the comments section below. And updated prices and Stand because the pipe is One piece Samsung Galaxy s20 Cloud Blue and I also tested this one me on the phone surprisingly good and surprisingly.

Huawei Mate Xs | A venit momentul telefoanelor pliabile | Unboxing & Review Huawei Mate Xs | A venit momentul telefoanelor pliabile | Unboxing & Review Reviewed by Rom SAMSUNG on 3/15/2020 Rating: 5

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus


- Now that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is finally official, is it a good time to pick up a good deal on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+?What’s up, guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and in this video we’re going to be breaking down all of the key differences between these devices SuperSaf style. So initially, let’s look at the size of the devices. The Note 10+ is slightly wider, but the S20 Ultra is a larger device overall. It’s taller, slightly thicker, and it also weighs more. Now, this is because it has a larger display, a 6.9 inch display versus the 6.8 inch display that we’ve got on the Note 10+.Both of these are using dynamic AMOLED technology, and we do have a punch out. So this is the Infinity-O design from Samsung, so, there’s a center punch out which I personally don’t mind. It’s kind of out the way, doesn’t take too much away from the screen. The S20 Ultra does have a slightly smaller punch out, if that matters to you. Both devices also have Quad HD+ resolution. They are HDR10+ certified, so they’re sharp. Their vibrant colors are really, really good, but the S20 Ultra does have a very big advantage,  something that we’ve been waiting for a long time from Samsung, and that is a high refresh rate display. So it can support up to 120 Hertz. But in exchange for that, you’re going to be getting a much smoother experience. You’ve also got 240 Hertz touch input, which again is going to make things a lot smoother. When you’re scrolling through, when you’re gaming for games that support 120 Hertz, things are going to be very, very smooth, and this is a big advantage that we’ve got here on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.  

Now, let’s look at the build and design. However, there are some key differences. Firstly, the Note 10+ you’ve got more squared edges to go with the Note theme, compared to the curved edges on the S20 Ultra. The Note 10+ also comes in a variety of colors. With the S20 Ultra, Samsung have only gone with a cosmic black and a cosmic gray, which are pretty plain-looking, whereas the Note 10+ has that aura glow color, which is personally my favorite. And then we’ve got the camera arrangement. Now, the Note 10+ has a very clean camera arrangement, very minimal across the side in a line, whereas the S20 Ultra has a very large, rectangular camera module. So when it comes to design, for me personally, it would have to be the Note 10+because of all of those color options, as well as that much cleaner camera arrangement. So let’s break down differences here. Now, the Note 10+ has a quad camera arrangement, so we’ve got an ultra-wide camera at 16 megapixels, a primary camera at 12 megapixels, a telephoto camera also at 12 megapixels, which is going to give you up to two times optical zoom, or up to 10 times digital zoom, as well as a time-of-flight sensor, which is going to help with depth information. Now, the Note 10+ cameras have been very good. The S20 Ultra also has a quad camera setup which has a similar function to the Note 10+.We’ve got ultra-wide, we’ve got a primary, we’ve got a telephoto, as So let’s start off with the ultra-wide. This is 12 megapixels, so we are losing out on a few megapixels compared to the Note 10+.But we do have a larger size for the pixels. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus

They’re around 1.4 microns versus the one microns on the Note 10+.Now, what that basically means is those larger pixels are going to able to capture more light, so you’re going to get better low-light performance. The primary camera is 108 megapixels. That’s a lot of megapixels, and you can shoot at that full 108 megapixel resolution. But by default, this is going to be set at 12 megapixels, and what that’s going to allow is, once again, much larger pixel sizes. So it’s going to combine nine pixels into one, and you’re going to get larger microns for the pixel sizes on the S20 Ultra when you’re shooting at 12 megapixels. And Samsung have said that the sensor size on the S20 Ultra is three times larger compared to that of the S10+.Now, this gives you some context of why that camera module is so big. Now, this is absolutely insane. It’s going to allow you to get in very, very close to your subjects. And I cannot wait to spend some more time with the S20 Ultra’s cameras. We’ve got a big, big change compared to what we had last year. Definitely let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a SuperSaf-style camera comparison between the S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.And as soon as I’ve got the retail version of the S20 Ultra, I’ll get straight on it. Now, let’s talk about the video. So the Note 10+ can shoot at up to 4kat 60 frames a second, a very good video camera overall. I’d say it’s one of the best when it comes onto the Android side of things. The S20 Ultra can shoot at up to an 8k, which is, once again, absolutely insane. Really looking forward to checking it out. And you’ve also got some improvement. 

So you’ve got an improved super steady mode which is going to give you more steady video compared to that of the Note 10+.You also have a pro video mode, so you’re going to be able to dial your settings. I’m not sure whether this is going to come to the Note 10+ by a software update. Not sure about that yet. You’ve also got a feature called single take which might be useful to some. you going to be able to do this all in one gonad then share it straight away onto social media. I personally don’t know how often I’m going to use this feature, but hey, it’s a new feature that’s there. And we’ve also got some improvements for the front-facing camera. So we’ve got 10 megapixels on the Note 10+.On the S20 Ultra we’ve got up to 40 megapixels. Once again, at default it’s going to be at 10 megapixels to get the larger pixel sizes and get better low-light performance, but if you did want to shoot And the S20 Ultra can also film at up to 4k at 60 frames a second from the front-facing camera, whereas the Note 10+ has a max of 4k at 30 frames a second. Now, let’s talk about the internals because we’ve got some major, major improvements here. The Note 10+ comes with either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip set or the Samsung Exim’s 9820.The S20 Ultra, being a 2020 device, one of the first devices this year with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip set or the Samsung Exim’s 990 series. Now, which one of these chip sets you get is going to vary depending on your region, but the S20 Ultra does come with a new internal, And for the software, both of these do have Android version 10.The Note 10+, mine is now updated to Android 10.It did come with Android 9 initially. And we do have Samsung’s One UI skin on top. One of these is quick share. This is Samsung’s version of Airdrop, shall we say. It’s going to allow you to quickly and easily share files between Galaxy devices. I believe this should hopefully come to the Note 10+.We also have the ability to quick launch up to five apps on the S20 Ultra. If it’s one of your five quick launch apps, that’s going to stay there. I’m not sure if this is going to becoming down on to the Note 10+.I think this is unlikely because it’s also going to be using a lot of the newer processing power, too. Now, for the storage, the Note 10+ actually comes with a higher base version of 256 gigabytes versus the base of 128 gigabytes on the S20 Ultra. So this is actually an advantage that we’ve got here on the Note 10+.Both devices are available in a 512 gigabyte variant, as well. Now, one advantage that the Note 10+ has which the S20 Ultra does not, and pretty much no other device out there has, is the S Pen. It works really, really well. And it’s in particular very useful for things like signing documents, editing images, just getting that precision which you just cannot get with your finger. The S Pen on the Note 10+ can also be used remotely which is very useful in lots of situations. One situation where I find it particularly useful is to use the button on the S Pena’s a remote trigger for taking images. Lots of uses for that. There’s also air actions, which I personally don’t really use. That’s where you can wave your S Pen around to switch between modes and things like that. But nevertheless, the S Pen is a very, very useful feature. It’s something that I don’t use all the time, but when I do use it, I’m so glad that it’s there. 

Now, for security, both devices have an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor which works really well. Samsung didn’t go for the new 3D Sonic Maxfinger print sensor that comes from Qualcomm. Maybe they’re going to be going with that for the Note 20.Who knows? And for audio, both this is something that I guess people are just going to have to get used to. And for the batteries, the Note 10+ has a 4300 mAh battery which has been pretty good generally in my experience. This is reverse wireless charging where you’re going to be able to charge other devices such as other smartphones, as well as say your Galaxy Bud son your Samsung Now, let’s talk about connectivity. So the Note 10+ you can buy in a 4G variant or a 5G variant, as well. These are separate. So the S20 Ultra, of course, is coming in higher compared to the Note 10+.And I’ve been having a look around, for the Note 10+ for the 5G version, you’re looking at around about 1,000 pounds, or around 1,000 to $1,100 right now. Around 700 to 800 pounds or dollars is currently what it’s going for depending on where you get it. I’ll try to drop some links in the description below. So you are going to be saving quite a bit of money if you go for the Note 10+ as opposed to the S20 Ultra. However, if you want to save a bit of money, and you want a really good device, then the Note 10+ is still a very, very capable smartphone. And if you’re somebody who likes the S Pen, then you’re not going to find that experience anywhere else. And as the S20 Ultra starts coming into stores, no doubt the Note 10+ is going to drop further in price, and you might just be able to pick up a very, very good deal. That’s what I think anyway. What do you guys think? If you did, then do hit that thumbs up button for mean if you want to see lots of coverage with the S20 Ultra Supersaver style, then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon, if you haven’t already. And I’ll see you next time.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus Reviewed by Rom SAMSUNG on 2/24/2020 Rating: 5

Google Pixel 4 | Is Google lagging behind technology? | Unboxing & Review


Internet greeting What tickets we found on our YouTube channel Today we will talk about Google pixel 4Yes I know It’s been a while since October 2019By January 2020, you know what it’s like to launch products Back then Mom you got a software bag Or I don’t know what it is Hard problems for those phones are part of the first cellar And so on And like one Mix face I say so it’s always good to hold a phone Any kind of phone One month two months after launch, you don’t necessarily have to leave As in price because in the case of Apple this does not happen either In the case of Samsung small in the case of Huawei But there is the possibility Like those made After a month or two months, a slightly better cellar is part of your teeth because you know what it is like when You put something new into production One more car out there that may not Aligns a face well On the motherboard And so on What happens various annoyances so to speak It’s been quite a while since the launch of Google pixel 4I have it in my hand I managed to get it This is 3,000 Plus Play At the moment Launching and of course at the time of his review The price you have in the description of course Google Promises some interesting things From my pixel point of view It is not necessarily a phone wow But it’s Google’s way of flexing the latest in the Greatest There is Pixel because they are the first ones to find outlet’s open the box from Google pixel 4 to see who offers Google Their latest version of the phone BRD forget about all Do not forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter Slash Vivo Sheep to enter the contest After opening the box we are greeted by the phone Which is very beautiful In this Sports We have more An envelope With a lot of stationery And the key for Sense Power cable and USB data transfer type c to USB type cAn adapter from USB type c to USB Normal And finally we have And the charger for the outlet Supports 8Fourteen cows Fast charge has a rating of5 volts 3mp 9 volts 2 amps So the battery of this TV The phone will charge enough Quick That’s how much we find in this package I get to give them credit for how solid this box is I also smell You’re beautiful I out Cercal To something sweet Yes Fresh paper  Let’s take a closer look at the phone And in case you haven’t noticed the assorted mom today with Google pixels It is black and red Black t-shirt home The same tone I don’t see why they put it on The two-room module In a square as I saw on IPhone and some models of Huawei and as he said Shin episodes 3Cute this is likely to be the trend for 2020Instead I like it Very much this black glass on the back It’s a design Pretty minimalist I could say If you look like this Now a cooler question would have been on Google over there What is going on with Google by or thinking of putting up two cameras They also passed in this dual camera trend The frame is made of aluminum And it has a matte finish textured Very fine feels very good in my hand and I help you then When you want to hold the phone How so You have the flu Very good Compared to other phones on the market It’s small enough that you can use it with one hand You get from one side to the other The copper No problem at all Instead this problem The fingerprints will only disappear when he puts on a cover On the left side we have the drawer for And Yes to me For it is not Dual Sim and we have no support for micro SD card On the right side we have the two volume buttons And the power button like What is white stands out At the bottom Microphone Main speaker USB power plug type c What again here at the top is the room and with a few other sensors we talk about the frame A little further on a video And the speaker for doubles as a speaker for music So we have Sound from above Sound from below a stereo arrangement that sounds pretty good Just like Google used to on phones Laur So at first glance the phone is Very well done Very fine Finished And it really gives you the feeling of Premium Before talking about the technical specifications of this phone Let’s look at this a little Horrible forehead I don’t want to be wicked I don’t want Toto upset someone but Simply Why do you make a phone that is not Symmetrical simply by scrolling You look at the top of the phone and on a warrant you say Hey Look I have another phone at the top and not that I have any more Phone at the top I have many phones at the top Now I just want to talk about Door design decision It would have rather been the phone like that Normal Than the other way around Or rather they did Sheila or that damn thing or put an even smaller knot Going beyond this In which I was pretty wicked Star probably Music you will love this design many of you will not love this one Design Let’s talk about the screen We have an oiled panel of 5.7 inches diagonal 2280 pixels per 1000E80 I mean Full HD Plus With 444 pixels per inch It is hdr compatible so on a 3 percent basis we always have always on display of course Gorilla Glass 5 is protected And ask for it From the pie chart of 90 maps finally a pixel phone A clan Something more fluid But That’s not good Before This phone He had it Mike you get guard When But you give the brightness less You didn’t have 90 ha anymore And you couldn’t Select this  Now You can go to settings The screen Advanced You have the option Moon display And you can enable or disable this option Now let me tell you The other, more interesting part of this option, even if we have it A very fluid interface Thanks to this screen we have a 2,800 milliamp ere battery Yes 2,800 milliamps at the end of 2019 under the conditions Food Most manufacturers in the market place batteries at least three thousand millions We move on to the operating system and software Obviously this phone comes with Android 10 factory And with the new improvements and the new windshields From Google We also have this option Through You may Squeeze the phone Of course Google Assistant will help you855With 6gb Ram 64 GB of space There is also an internal storage version with 128In case you need more space Let’s look in In the tests he feels400 26.100 58 points overall score If you are curious, here are the others Scores for the other categories ok Big Bang653 points in singles and 2504 points in Multi Practice call What is it? Mini phone beast in terms of performance but not synthetic scores I speak for myself but And simply Performance When using the phone I said this phone is hiding something special here at the top There are several sensors and of course the selfie camera but from left to right We have a 3D to ft. camera Selfie camera Sensor for ambient light And proximity speaker Obvious And last but not least Radar for motion sense function Gesture I mean, stop the clan And when you raise your hand It lights up your screen you saw Come on, I’ll show you again Let’s stop the screen Now he’s with Always on this Display and feel the hand And turn on the screen So you can see better What is displayed on screen Also that 3D toffee camera Helps you with facial unlocking that works like this I’m looking at the album ready Again to the full I look at him Mom Ready to go with the little button and the software On the left side we have Obvious Google Feed  In settings We have nothing changed for a few versions since we have this white menu with colorful icons And That’s all This phone does nothing special These are the basic functions of Android And of course other producers Take advantage of the flexibility of this System And it retains the basic functionality over which it adds One eye skins My Emotions and so on Which part I do different things in different ways And then That’s the beauty of Android-1 Why it will Some prefer Android stop for this Interface Clean without the possibility to customize many things Before we go any further and show you an Easter Egg With this pixel I want to show you yet another feature that radar has I played music and of course I had to stop The sound from Obvious reasons and The reasons it goes Always understood In each clip If you can see here at the top He’s got a glow That other globe somehow indicates that radar is on Here’s what you can do with that radar You can change the song like that You can turn left You can turn right you can turn right forward And bulbs That’s all And look and animate There in the From above When you raise your hand The larger wheat is made when I take the hand the smaller wheat is made And Yes eeo piece of very interesting technology if you ask me I wish I could do that easily Up slightly down To give louder and slower and somehow I think the implementation of this gesture By air May Interesting than what I saw at LG If you still remember having a sensor and you could do that Left to right for Telekom volume Let’s move on to the second one I need the box for Good I’ll put it that way box And I’ll go into the room And in the room we have to go to the mall Lance Up So Look here See what’s interesting It’s a showcase In pixels With augmented reality The moment it detects it The box on the back Join the Global Community Let’s see Google pics forum Making time I tap And anytime you have time pixel Leaving the joke aside so far, I find a very interesting phone exactly as it appeared And the last pixel we don’t have headphones we don’t have a dongle Let’s see how this phone rings Even so the phone rings Very cool It is one of the phones that have powerful speakers We have money we have high we have means for a mobile phone But It doesn’t come close to the quality I have I met her to iPhone But I really like it The quality Audio from unpleasant pizza and Pixel 3-a and pixel 3 and all other pixel products And I have nothing to comment on Under any circumstances At this point Finally let’s talk about this room What do you say device Google So it doesn’t put much emphasis on hard drive So the main camera is 12 Megapixels F1Item 7Which has support for optical stabilization and the secondary camera is 16 megapixels f2.4And it has Optical Zoom2x So It’s a phone lens too and it has it Optical stabilization Google has always relied on their software If you Wait and look at previous phones and compare Technical details From the cameras at Google pics With the rest Noted that they are not extraordinary or at least not They have nothing special Honest in 2020 now When I do a lot and the phone came out in 2019If you think about it12 megapixels f1.7Samsung camera with f1.7 and on their cheap series of phones a And so on and now the phones have20,00030 40 48 108 Megapixels and so on you make me believe That Google He always emphasized the software side And you 

Google Pixel 4 | Is Google lagging behind technology? | Unboxing & Review

have to admit that he came out Very good from my point of view is one of The only phone on the market Who can compete With iPhone Direct Bar At the bar Why Because both rooms are software limited in what they let you to do it You have no manual Mode you have not promised you have absolutely nothing You can play with ISO You can play With the contrast That’s about it though These are very capable phones And to be honest I was always impressed by the pen Most of the photos I didn’t take with this phone are As clear as possible As contrasting and detailed as possible So Google pixel 4You surprised me this time too Regarding Photo quality I have nothing to do Let’s comment, we have a new way Hdr live Where you can practically see the picture with hdr10Without being forced Take the picture and then see how it turns out It sounds like a pretty interesting thing to you, but it’s not a thing Extraordinary or an amazing thing However, not to be me and I don’t talk about professional photo quality on a Dark mobile phone However Google pixel 4 is in the category of phones that you absolutely recommend They need a redo call Let’s just say that As for the performance of this phone Again, he was no longer disappointed Put and kiss very well with Samsung S10Apple and so on Plus The operating system is very Let’s just say that plating is a showcase Hello Google As for an operating system Instead Dizain The fact that I have this forehead larger than the chin and is not symmetrical And legal dance must put these Hardware and components Sensors and radar and so on Still, they could Make the phone symmetry I do not like and From my point of view It looks rather like the penny phone Upside down A place Let it be so It’s like a Nokia 7.1Bottom line but that’s about to say about Google pixel 4 until next time don’t forget to check the description for useful links And updated prices And do not forget to give your opinion about.

Google Pixel 4 | Is Google lagging behind technology? | Unboxing & Review Google Pixel 4 | Is Google lagging behind technology? | Unboxing & Review Reviewed by Rom SAMSUNG on 1/21/2020 Rating: 5

Galaxy Note 10 Lite - LIVE LOOK


So I hope you already know that Samsung is making a lite version of the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10.Both of these devices are expected to launch at the consumer electronics show in January but today we have got live images of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite courtesy of none other than Tech Talk TV. Yes, that’s me. Your boy revealed the first look of the Galaxy Note 10 back in June and now I’m back again revealing the first look of its lite version the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. The first thing you’re going to notice is the rear camera design. It doesn’t look bad in real life than what we have seen on renders, to be honest, looks almost exactly like the Pixel 4’s camera housing. This is the direction that Samsung is taking in 2020, all of their devices will have a huge camera layout at the back including their flagships the Galaxy S11 aka the Galaxy S20.That being said, unlike the Galaxy Note 10, the lite version doesn’t have a boxy design. Instead, it’s rounded kind of like the Galaxy S10.The display is flat, though which is good news for some of you who always wanted to use the S-Pen on a flat panel. Some of you complained that it’s annoying to use the S-Pen at the curved edges as it just slides off, so I guess the Note 10 Lite is the phone for you if you don’t want the latest hardware and are okay with a year-old processor. Also as you can see the display camera cutout is similar in size to the Galaxy Note 10, or maybe just a little smaller if not the same. The chin is also very thin. The volume rocker and the power buttons are placed at the right and the sim card slot is placed at the left. Also, as you can see the camera hump is very minimal, it almost sits flush with the back which makes less annoying when placed flat on a table. 

The main highlight of this phone is going to be the S-Pen. It’s the first time in many years that Samsung is bringing the S-Pen on a mid-range device, the last time it happened it was with the Galaxy Note 3 Neo back in 2014.Now, the competition is fierce and Samsung wants to remain the number one player in the game and that’s the reason we’re seeing so many Samsung devices lately including the lite versions of Samsung’s 2019 flagships. That being said, the phone will have the Exim’s 9810 processor which is a year-old So C that debuted with the Galaxy S9 which also showed up on the Galaxy Note 9.Because of this, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is going to be very affordable, according to fresh information, it is expected to cost 565 euros which is a really good price for this phone. 

Galaxy Note 10 Lite - LIVE LOOK

Other specs include 4500mAh battery which is even more than the Galaxy Note 10+.Support for 45W of fast charging, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and most importantly there will be a headphone jack that went missing on the Galaxy Note10 and Note 10+.Do let me know what do you think about this? For this price I think it’s a great phone, if you don’t want the latest and greatest and don’t want to spend over $1000 on a phone then this or the Galaxy S10 Lite is going to be a great option in my opinion. Consider subscribing for daily tech videos and as always I’ll see you tomorrow...Peace out!

Galaxy Note 10 Lite - LIVE LOOK Galaxy Note 10 Lite - LIVE LOOK Reviewed by Rom SAMSUNG on 1/01/2020 Rating: 5

Asus ROG Phone II | Cel mai bun telefon al anului? | Unboxing & Review


After playing with a bunch of phones and getting your hands on a bunch of variations from bad models From good models to cheap models to expensive models and so on You still have a chance to be surprised60 I’m talking But be pleasantly surprised and now we have come to a conclusion there are cell phones and Mobile phone What about ASUSRog phone2ProbableThe best phone in the world on paper at least With some dream specifications That is, if you are thinking a little about the perfect phone What you would want to hear well have Jack have RAM have storage space to move fast And these normal A stuff and be built of good premium aluminum stick materials as well Let it not be bent that it does not scratch itself to look in a big way How to reach the perfection of a technology enthusiast for this phone for sure It’s not for everyone But For those who appreciate the technological advance for those who appreciate the evolution let us say so This phone could be the perfect phone And let’s show you why I believe this Forget all Do not forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter the slash gear. Ro Giveaway to sign up for the contest before but Boxing this phone I’d like to tell you that On the market and variant with 12 GB RAM and a Terra internal storage space I also have a block here It is 8 GB RAM 128 GB internal storage space First of all I would like you to look At this box The impression that it is Simply Something power cell from a video game with a shuttle coming to earth to kill us all And so on This phone ASUS Hippo Why Because Have you seen any other products please They have that specific design Here We have a click We give easy It is triangular We lower the lid Serbs in reverse And we are welcomed by A cover please my case Lots of little piglet Let’s see what it looks like Be careful hereby Details Are Inside this Cover or this one Bumper How do you want to tell her I set it aside because I obviously want to test Let’s see what we have here YouTube User manual We have one here in the ass Wow Type c USB charger you write Republic of Gamers Get the plastic The part How opulent He can denote This charger writes republic of gamers is a Battery charger USB type c 5v 3 amps9 volts 3 amps 12V 2.5 amps Not even this phone Loading Over At 30 money Eyes cable With textile protection Because We can’t have a cable Simply rubber It’s a cable Which has the sign of arrogant How on the jack That’s what I call attention For details You will leave far to see what we have here Okay I’m done with that box too Food stand This Fat stand It lets you use the fan you don’t come to in the marathon yet There are two reserves here Tires and I’ll show you immediately what these two tire reserves use Head phones from ASUS And fixed those headphones from Zen one 6 are You allow me to be a little junk A little bit of everything Well, what are you doing to me Asu You give me the phone in a gorgeous box Give me a apricot As far as futurism is concerned, but even if it doesn’t protect that phone the map is fine You give me an unboxing experience Fill And you a chicken some headphones Missing white Some headphones that do not write rosy some headphones that are not black Some headphones that don’t fit With all the Aesthetics To this phone and this package More beautiful It’s not nice because I had some expectations These are some of the few headphones Stop I can listen to music With a very, very, very great pleasure And then I will not comment I will not comment but I was a little junk Let’s just have a little more until we get to the phone That’s what a cooler looks like For a mobile phone What do you want more than that? What you can want more than that This It’s a cooler For mobile phone Mango 

And let’s not say that It has logoagbnamely Somehow I feel like that power inside me doesn’t give me This is the imaginary power, though The pleasure I have right now In which I undo The box with you is huge Why should I lie to you I’m really late mute And this is the first time I get my hands on this and I don’t forget USB type cUFO exchange Jack Because Obviously you don’t want to have the charging plug and the headphone jack on the left of the phone I’d have the phone here If you stay that way and you’re playing How to have you Be upset The plug That’s how you get them Bottom Seems fair Tie the ass aside And finally we get to the phone I removed the phone from Box  To miss Very interesting at the first bath Okay show Incredibly interesting Not very interesting Must Rinse your eyes With this phone Look a little Pay attention to details on this These here We have little aluminum Glass Please log And these little details Which changes them color Depending on how it beats The light Two flashesWeather48 megapixels Dalkia sea Let’s look at that too Girl Wow boy Why it looks Loudspeaker 1 Loudspeaker 2 Arrangements Rio I like very very much Is the phone symmetrical Selfie camera power button volume buttons If you are here careful Here are two R Triggers Practically You’re doing this Boo Boo And you’re playing And you can configure them I mean you have Trigger copying controller Integrated into the phone frame Here It’s a tire I said That reserves came to you These reserves Are For this tire You get it out And here is the port For cooler Like this Spa You’ve seen how to light it We have to play We have to play what we are going to get into especially as To activate Let’s get him down And we play a little more That’s how the phone looks like we have a fingerprint magnet Dedicated skin For Make a phone call He told you the perfect phone didn’t ring Wait a minute That’s what we’re talking about ASUS rog phone 2It’s good now we see the phone even closer before talking about screens I would like to test This Slash Case Cover Flash case She likes something because she’s pretty Flexible Obviously the phone is a fingerprint magnet that na You have nothing to do But design seems to me a lot Futurism good It also resembles rog phone 1 just that I like this one more Has something more has something extra Fingerprint sensor on screen It works pretty fast From my point of view How Once Ready It opened One more aspect I love this phone It’s his weight It is somewhere at 240 g and is simply one Mammoth made of glass and aluminum What do you want to say more than that because this is the truth Let’s talk about the screen we have a panel I have a Ogled 6.50 and 9 inches diagonally without full HD solution plus 300 density191 pixels per inch If you stay Thinking on paper is not extraordinary It’s not even a screen. Wow. I mean, they could work With density or use a panel with a density that will increase But Thanks for me because I do not see pixels even if I get closer to the screen I do not see pixel That’s why I’m not even interested Density will now have onions 3 100 8%Hdr10Refresh rates of 120 maps And shut up Sensing 240 maps This means that In addition to the fact that the display is moving Very fluid when in the mode120 maps Digitizer where it responds Super Quick to order Basically you have the complete package not necessarily for gaming and the interface when you want to I button the phone navigate from one menu to the other you walk around here through the menu open an application look Than Fast and good Moves And this experience I met before The One Plus And I leave the A1000But show me Black Shark 2 Just had Digitizer very fast Not the screen I want to show you a little thing about the display Which we find in the settings In the display table We can chooseManual60 90 or 120 maps Which I think Extraordinary but considering the battery Which is very, very big, meaning we have 6,000 milliamps on a phone Powerful with 120 maps You really won’t have any problems either May be You’re going to get him He once uploaded it a day This is obvious if you don’t just play on it and just use it as a human Usual as a normal man Okay now I have generalized that We are all normal but I mean not to abuse On the phone to keep him open a new stop with the screen to play on him Because then yes the battery will go away but Context of use mixed You can sit quietly with him on 120 maps and I left him 120 on the button for a few good hours And I still have 71%It was not uploaded up to 100%This is what I want Underline As for the interface We have a custom interface or skin From ASUS Unfortunately the phone comes with Android 9. I would like to see an update to Android 10InsteadThe security match is Somewhat old ideas from October 1, 2019I’d like to show you one more thing It’s about the interface Which I love her and I hate her at the same time And let me tell you why I love hermit’s good I like Wallpaper with water Let me know immediately Why I like wallpaper In these icons Simply Shout  Futurism namely Literally What you want more than iconic silhouettes With neon that’s just what you want Now to tell you what I don’t like I don’t like it when the icons don’t have any consistency namely System icons look great But the Turkish side say so Have  Any mask around but gift Some are black and some are white From my point of view Something’s wrong Because we’re talking about design and so on At the top we have settings Fast A swipe One down Search for swipe apps up The drawer with applications To the left of everything we have a Google being that is always welcome from my point of view because it moves quite well And depending on why Read It will give you relevant content Let’s show you a thing And we’ll talk about X mode later But here’s what happens when I press x Here’s how the wallpaper changes Wine icons Tomatoes If we enter the geek bench 5We’re going here We go to mounting history as usual 768 points in single Core and 2005One hundred 56 points in multicore Let’s see us also An Tutu benchmark How did it go?495 thousand 382 points and Here lives displayed scores for the others Categories also started a game of Page a pub game Better said So far the phone has moved exceptionally without a lag with absolutely nothing And the screen is given On 120 maps Look how much Pine tree It’s moving before you jump on the plane, I’d like to show you these Options for Air triggers Pratik Get what two buttons you put them anywhere on the interface And press x And now I For example in a set I can take a test to make sense And the Trigger ul Let’s see how the options from Settings are given to maximum man Here’s how it shoots That’s how you shoot That’s how you target Bombs ready You seem to me Very much this What are two arteries I don’t know why someone didn’t think of doing them earlier Somehow you have to get used to them Because you tend to hit the phone and when you target You press it like that and Basically your finger slides on the screen and the target flies So you have to be slimmer With those two buttons Please improper buttons said buttons Obviously you can do live streaming on a country-by-country basis And most of all I like this record function 3 2 1 Ready Now record Practically The sound of the game And from Playful it is registered Good Let’s play and asphalt 9 unfortunately had to How it moves So it is My favorite experience right now is why I lie to you about car games I wanted to play music but for obvious reasons Clime and so on I can’t show you How I’m playing On the music Wait, I don’t know how you do Vandici vibrates the phone Feels like one feels X box or PS controller When you hit a car or when you hit a wall Well that would be about gaming on this phone not that it would be an extraordinarily big difference This And a white flagship on the marketInstead 120-screen screen And panels that respond to 240 maps make this phone An experience Completely a different gaming experience These two arteries Which are embedded in Phone frame I give you two extra buttons that you can customize with what you want and if you want You can buy it Accessories like Gamepad like this one But the fan came in the fan package is made of plastic And something like that comes out of the phone and you have to pull out this book Piece of rubber on 

Asus ROG Phone II | Cel mai bun telefon al anului? | Unboxing & Review

the phone This piece protects Connector sit’s the fan and you put something like this practically Play plugin made a Click You can secure more with that Enjoy the fan And the light rgb It’s okay Look na at the end of this video and ASUS rog phone 2 multiset Mouth headset why should I like your phone so much and From my point of view it is crumbling to a single chapter Room can be normal if you are thinking of a phone Gaming camera It’s not the strength or the camera It’s not the focus of this handset but on The other side Practically All that can be better As far as technology can go To offer In 2019I think Honestly the perfect phone for Example friends who are passionate about technology and want something super futuristic so first impression  Which I had when I looked at this one Was Cyberpunk game 2037 7Cyberpunk 2.077Somehow it is Something to my taste technology the future augmented closet Walkman intrigues and so on But the aesthetics of the game from my point of view fits in brilliantly With this Phone finally the thing I love about this phone is the jack And as a bonus isle headphones in the package that sound very good so it doesn’t matter if you play you watch Netflix YouTube or any other content you watch you will have a very good audio experience It is the complete package for multimedia games and even the quality of the pictures is quite good but it is not approaching In the Samsung iPhone pixel segment and so on if you have a little imagination and a tripod and You want to use something Photo editing applications on me will be able to take some great frames Super interesting so much for today until next time.
Asus ROG Phone II | Cel mai bun telefon al anului? | Unboxing & Review Asus ROG Phone II | Cel mai bun telefon al anului? | Unboxing & Review Reviewed by Rom SAMSUNG on 12/28/2019 Rating: 5

Nokia 4.2 | Has LED Button and Android One | Unboxing Review


Hello internet and well find it On our YouTube Channel Today We will be a little Were going to have a quiet moment For our friends From Nokia Why Because I just discovered it Covered that under And he suffers very much A little while They are very sick Nokia and It started to suffer from the syndrome mean, it takes phones on the market that have no idea Telephones phones do not understand what they are It happens, though                                    Nokia 4.2 | Has LED Button and Android One | Unboxing Review

Nokia 4.2 is a pretty good phone from my perspective Many might have a different opinion But let’s open the box and Let’s see what we find in if do not know why I have the impression but this box is heard like a jelly box And fortunately it does not have Android jelly bean has Android Pie Android One is an entry level phone Which is on the market somewhere At 800 RON At the time Which we do What I had A phone Entry level to mid range but Rather entry level Interesting phone and I was pretty naughty if you do End of Lilies Find her place in the market please let us know Because There were too many phones and in turn Forget everything Do not forget to subscribe and activate notifications And then it enters the cello Slash giveaway to enroll in the contest The jelly box i.e. Nokia 4.2 Its a box as much as possible Strips with a slider box Nokia logo on the front on one side we have the model With Nokia 4 Point 2 Information from the manufacturers and on the back are Some details and phone picture Android 9 pie even though it is an entry level phone comes with the latest version By Android 5.70 and 1 inch HD plus 19 on 9 in Displeasure 13 megapixel Flash 2 megapixel dual camera This time I’m note fooled this time It’s really a dual camera With an 8 Megapixel camera for selfie, a 3,000-pound battery A button for Google Assistant Curved glass fingerprint sensor 2.5 dandy a snapdragon processor 430 And we have the phone between a plastic wrap With A drawing with Google Assistant With arrows that point to me That I have to push Why Because We Have One Button Dedicated here And in the 

part of Ill leave it momentarily Now and then Here in the right box as it would come From the side of how we unload a charger is a very charger Very small It is So small that it fits in the fists In the palm one amp So it is not Very fast But it is small portable And very easy to lose if you do not care with needles We still have A data cable Loading Micro USB this time of So we do not have a USB type Tipsy You need to do this Aside Stay here a card Empty carton What the key for the Fillmore And finally Very much Waste cellulose Such as introductory notions Assets and product information Things You Can Easily Access In phone for mat Digital now Let’s look at Telephone Sebum it Foil down He’s showering that phone What I eat is eating directly Hundred 61 ghee feels frankly easier than he is I was expecting Even if it is Plastic has a design Very nice Personally, I like it very much It gives you the feeling of premium phone now Four years When the phones were still made of plastic No more Four five years have been The latest generation of flagship phones that were made of plastic Your shirt often The sensation on the frame is From the plastic on the face we have a stick Glass Sell curved glass 2.5 d according to Box When Glass design 2.5 d So we need to Spectrum as much as possible Lets look back because I really like my back The phone even if it is a fingerprint magnet we have the two camera slash Nokia fingerprint sensor Right here we have Android One logo And some inscriptions from the manufacturer On the side of From the front we have id Dispel ill Wood chin the phone of the 9 we have A Nokia logo At the top We have the speaker grid for calls The sensors are hidden In the frame In part this Black and of course we have one U Shape Drop Spot Drop Nona We have an eye that just listens to the selfie camera and so we do not have a classic eye On the left we have Button for Google Assistant And the drawer he sees See What kind of drawers is it And it is not a hybrid drawer it seems that the supremacy of the hybrid drawers has sunk hope Be a New Trend On the right side we have the power button What is it All around Dyed in white Or better say it is another transparent and I’ll show up right away Why the two volume buttons At the bottom we have 

Speaker grille for a hole for the main microphone Change the wooden plug Micro bus mentality And finally at the top We have a 3,5 audio jack And a microphone is Secondary for calls Now let’s talk a little about the phone and how he feels in his hand Personally, I really like it if it is It is made from Plastic This one Margin Or better say the place where it merges The back with a frame Its very well finished neither At least you cannot figure it out If there are three pieces, that is Plastic frame The front The point is that some might think this The phone is pretty plump Let’s say pretty babies or big enough We also have And A very large forehead and chin, but also the frame in his turn Compared to other phones it is great And somehow it gives you The feeling that she’s going on an iPhone x AR Unlike an iPhone Normal is not some me Perhaps this sensation is given by the fact that it is Something thicker And honestly I’d prefer to have many other mid range phones To give up on Glass and aluminum And make one in what kind of design And to put a better room on my mind Plus or better audio quality a better speaker Because I prefer 10,000 times A plastic phone mid range But with a room and quality hears better than a good looking phone but does nothing You can put on paper or Soul wind I really like this phone at first glance is very comfortable to hold with a hand and Of course To manipulate Costing Single hand But if you have something smaller little hands It’s pretty hard to get From the top for those who have big enough hand is very easy Take the phone All around And the buttons are very easy to access What are the Fingerprint Sensor What it is Between a position that Many of us love it does not flex Very well coined what Phone I like And what you were at the beginning His video was a joke Well see if it’s true or not After we test them Synthetic button and we play with him a little A few minutes later I managed to make it and its initial tap What do you call the phone And I want to mention that it took a while Why Because

 it has a connection BG does not have that as well So we do not have dual band and GHz Connectivity is pretty good on Wi-Fi am I have the full signal We also have Bluetooth 4.2 if everything This chapter connectivity put a black wallpaper why. Because it seems to me That it contrasts pretty well with the phone If you are curious to see how it looks harmful The rest His phone That’s good As we can see we have This pretty chin and the godfather is of Pretty prizes Mint in Status bar The operating system is Android Top in the left to the sky we have this Google Feed And on the right are Notification application cigarettes A swipe up We have recent apps With the Clear All button And two or you got it upstairs Its the drawer with applications Until we have a lot of bloatware paying, we have a no greeting Blacks burg with no additional installed appall are from Google all are through Installed and there is no Dance But before going into the settings I want to mention that I really like this interface Why Because it has something bigger The operating system moves pretty fast Basic fun cations You have little to expecting opening The keypad to give you a little while expected when you open the messaging application Instead, if you leave them in the background, the dangers are accessed What a pretty girl by what But the system at the moment You installed for example Facebook Instagram and other applications that require Quite a lot of resources Because They are quite difficult, in turn Its possible that when you use them To be cleaned out of the way Why Because This Model Has Only 3 GB of RAM With 32 GB of Internal Storage Space We go there and the version with 2 GB of RAM And with 16 GB of space Internal storage but 2GB in 2019 met looks pretty little Great differences from what we have seen before Android Onetime notify not You know we have herein digital well being settings And it’s an option that shows you 

How much did you use your phone, for example, we used the YouTube Chrome radio An application for wallpapers and settings for Because I’m still on my way to see if it is Something new or not Before going to the tests and Petitions I promised to tell you with This white line I have a sub cable here And Here He moved away Notification light when you put it on, or you will receive a notification Defecate The power button frame will light up Which seems very nice to me I see that the laptop already has with The phone quickly dated the fingerprint sensor Its pretty quick Unlock the phone in quite short time But I saw the phones a little faster than a needle present you ethics and here we should not wait Prints too big Lets start geek bench 4 After it loads well Meaning of merge in is trice movable We are waiting 891 points in the single with anything And 3323 points in multicolored Let’s look at our benchmark An To To to Wait until it opens and we have a general score of 78,400 31 If you are curious Here you are displayed on the screen and the other scores for Sibelius GPL Winx And memory So it’s not a rocket phone It’s not too slow not in You are very fast What is a phone It does not go wrong because I do not want to offend The point is that being an entry level phone I would not want to have a lot of claims from him not to forget the screen It has five 71-inch comma In diagonal Somewhere at 76 comma 6%Occurs from the front of the phone 1520 resolution on 720 pixels A 19 on 9 aspect and a density of 290 And five of them Pixel per inch Honestly being is a screen that is not extraordinarily bright You would have liked to have Something more brightness why because when Are Outside or beating the sun directly Its kind of hard Read content on the screen and this time Let’s say I’m giving it to Maxim This is the maximum brightness The content is Sharp is crispy is good is sharp even if it has only a 720p resolution on it You Tube or Netflix looks decent She could say good looks for the needle segment Price list I also started pubic go And honestly to be this Phone screeches a little The settings were automatically selected appellate We have at And I make gifts Occasional Instead it is quite difficult to play because the texture is not extraordinarily qualitative And the distance to which the elements are generated is not very large So when you say you want to keep it Siesta An enemy From a fairly large distance you cannot see it You do not see it physically For those who do not play so often Or Gamer game I could tell them It seems to me a pretty down-to-earth gaming phone But not at a very good resolution and not a very good quality However, the phone gets very hot In this personal area tend to think it’s a pretty good phone Even if do not understand why there is I was very excited here Power button Let’s talk about the room As mentioned earlier it is 8 megapixel f2.0 The face and the one on the back we have A dual camera arrangement of 13 f-22 respectively 2 megapixels Sensor for The effect of booklets open the app House sit is the usual one from Nokia with a small change Iasi Can say at the top We have an icon for motion picture on or off and honestly, it does not seem to me to be absolutely intuitive But if you start it What are you doing? This lights up The photographer Whether Moving We still have options for timer And I got out of here When I give Catcher with the module Of auto and A very good thing Very intuitive And I came out of From the room That does not hope very intuitively when I want to close This menu Push the bulb And He takes me out of the room wish I had to close the menu but Of the car and Ion Nothing special and at the bottom we have the ways Life box Pro Photo and video And what do I appreciate in the Pro mode It is that I have 8 The option for Focus Manual The quality of the photos Its surprisingly good for this segment Frames of the Holy You said the correct contrast End saturation more than girls Even when the sun hides behind the clouds the colors are Living 

people are living The level of detail is not extraordinarily high, but it is enough for social networking Socialization Document Fees Even March photos Fantasy if it does not take a camera Photographed with Things change into Chicken Light A little noise is done Feel the presence and If you do not have a hand Stable time frames to be moved This is due to the higher exposure time Lack of stabilization Well, the time has come for the conclusions And here I have to be a bit tough with Nokia why did I lose that from my point of view Train or this wave of the segmenting humans or entry level the most we have a very construction Which I personally appreciate And I prefer it Over all the other phones in this Which price segment we have a screen HD plus or better says Macron 720 I have seen many screens 7At 20, however, it is not very bright And it has no very good contrast As we can see the quality of the photos is decent Or at least I would like to thank myself for an entry level phone, but when they are seen on these skulls They seem erased do not seem to be inconsistent And of course, Parents Banana photos But when we multiply a computer with a very good display You will be surprised That’s what happened to me Personally when I took pictures of this Phone So I would prefer Nokia to put a display Even 720 The team but a better idea Because we were talking about the room and the display A f2.0 Simon f1.8It would not be ruined In return I am very pleased with Herder megapixels For 900 RON to be serious More than why Sound Quality Honestly It seems to me extraordinary But if Nokia scarf is taken a little longer To invest in the development of this component Well it would be a very easy to recommend phone Let’s not forget that the market is still in this segment Y6 good cell phone again from Huawei But it has an audio quality and better than the competition in this Performance Good Performance The Romanian to discuss why Because you do not start the setup you want to setup it you will notice Something I choose Once you have finished upgrading dress software accounts Set the cutter So let’s see that the phone does pretty well when it’s got it The applications loaded on the road per total is a very interesting phone And I personally prefer my favorite of any other phone in this price segment Why I like designer I like it flat on the back Besides, even if it has a plastic frame I like it Very much finish Not even Joining plastic with frame and Glass on the face Honestly to be it is Very minimalist and very often believe in Non-competition where I’ve ever met a great design It was interesting to show me 8Light And its bigger has a full HD screen and would be a great alternative to this device From this price segment But he has no jack And if you want to listen to music You go with my phones Huawei p Smart 2019 Which has a slightly larger battery All microbes plug But it also has room quality It’s a little better than that Another alternative to this phone Also in this price segment would be Galaxy a40 why Because it does not matter period and I have changed the price has decreased And that phone has a dual camera What better than me How much A pretty good battery has one Screen to body ratio Very good But also a full HD AMBLED Full HD screen.

                                                       Please watching this Video


Nokia 4.2 | Has LED Button and Android One | Unboxing Review Nokia 4.2 | Has LED Button and Android One | Unboxing Review Reviewed by Rom SAMSUNG on 6/10/2019 Rating: 5


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